Tuesday, June 12, 2007

FANTASY (a poem) by Mary Andrews

A man walked up and asked me one night,
“What do you like, my dear?”
And I gazed in his eyes and far past his lies,
Drew a deep breath and replied:

I like white horses with horns,
Winged creatures—air born,
Dragons, castles, and magical things.

I like soft, starry nights,
And cold crisp sounds of flight
Like the leathery flapping of wings.

He looked at me strangely
And took a deep drink,
And asked what I liked to do.

And I gazed in his eyes,
Farther still past his lies,
Drew another deep breath and replied:

I like mythical things
That make foolish hearts sing,
Things like honesty, valor, and truth.

Someone holding me tight,
KNOWING things are alright,
And relationships not hundred-proof.

And he blinked once or twice,
Blew a smoke ring or two,
Left his name and his number behind.

As I watched him depart,
A cold wind crossed my heart,
And that is the reason I write.

(Poetry is not my forte, but I have a book full of these things
from back-in-the-day...
This one came to mind since Dindy did such a good job
of covering the other points I was going to make.)
til next time, read and write on.--mary andrews


Cheryl said...

For someone who isn't a poet, you sure did a great job.

Cheryl M. (The Muse Board)

Lea Schizas - Author/Editor said...

Mary, I'm not a poet at all but did enjoy reading the one you posted. I particularly liked that very last verse for some reason. I think it was the second line, 'a cold wind'--can't put my finger on it but those three words stuck out at me.

Lea Schizas

Mary Andrews said...

Awww, shucks. Thanks guys. I wrote that at a bar long time ago. I wasn't sure if I needed to let the readers know where this happened to make it come across--thru the title or something, maybe.

Swimming Kangaroo said...

I'm relieved to read this, and Rob's post (great poem btw Mary!) because while I was writing my post I was afraid that maybe I had the intent of the topic wrong and instead of literary fantasy I was supposed to be writing about erotic fantasies!

Mary Andrews said...

Hmmmm, could've been fun.

Thanks Dindy.

Barbara M. Hodges said...

Late to read this, but I loved it! And yes you are a poet.