Friday, March 2, 2007

Upcoming Themes

Boy, are we on the ball here or what! Thank you to all the members of this blog for posting their introductions.

Now, dear reader, I'd like to give you a hint of what's coming up in the next couple of months:




As you can tell, we're going to cross the borders to offer you various topics for your reading pleasure. We also invite you to send us your own life experiences in our topics to come each month. Afterall, reading everyone's own experiences will help other readers by giving them suggestions on how some of us deal with these topics.

Now for more TEENS issues:

Bathroom and phone--my oh my. In this household of seven, everyone needs to tell the other when they need to use the bathroom to get ready for school or work. You see, my children work at different times, not a steady time so we can get used to it...and yes, we have a powder room downstairs but no one wants to use that. Why should they? It would only make life simpler. :)

Anyway, so far, so good, only a few mishaps when a 'time' wasn't given and loud rapping on the bathroom door, with some,

"Are you going to be long?"
"Well, I gotta get ready for work."
"Tough, I'm in here now!"

Ah, the pleasure of that musical tone ringing out to my ears...thank goodness it happens only a few times a month.

As for the phone...worked that problem out. We have call waiting and call display so everyone is a happy camper with no missed calls.

How about you? Any new solutions to these two problem areas?



damomo4 said...

Are we talking comments on here?

Living with Teens:

The first one I got along with pretty well (because she is just like me) except for during those days when we were both PMSing at the same time. We'd scream, we'd cry, we'd laugh, and we'd beg for forgiveness... usually all in the same breath.

The second one has a good habit of hunting a hole when those days arrive and otherwise we just kind of play off each others moods. It's like watching wrestlers on the mat. We fence, we move left, we move right, I'm all over her, she wins and sends me back to my corner - sometimes I go.

The third one is not a girl. We do that dance of leadership with him trying to take the lead and yet not wanting it, and then I snap him into attention with one of those "Mom things" and he hates me for a day or two and we start the dance over again.

Number four is not yet a teenager, so he's still cuddly and loving, wants to snuggle and watch movies, and gives me candy bribes.

I love teenagers, and so far, I'm surviving them. The adult parent thing on the other hand... Ummm not so much.

Jan Verhoeff

damomo4 said...
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