Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Christina Barber's Intro

Hello one and all! I'm very excited to be part of this new blog.

I have several published works - fiction, non-fiction - short stories and novels. I've been actively writing - writing for publication - for three years.

I am a full time writer and full time mom. (Yes, I know. I hold two full time jobs!). Believe me, my husband and daughter keep me busy enough, but I've learned to juggle household chores and still complete novels. It is a learned art - well, okay an art and use of headphones.

I enjoy research and have a passion for mythology. I also enjoy researching the paranormal (aka ghosts). I guess you could consider me a researcher, author and adventurer. I write and read fantasy, sci-fi, and horror or blends there of. All of my works focus on the darker angle within the above mentioned different genres.

I look forward to contributing with this great group of diverse people!
Thanks for reading me.

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Lea Schizas - Author/Editor said...

Christina, no matter how many times I real about you being a 'ghost hunter' I am always thrilled. What a fascinating area to explore. Has this contributed to your stories at all?


Christina said...

Thanks Lea. Yes, ghost hunting is very different and something I always wanted to do. Now, as an author I have a 'reason'.
My novel, Greystone has several ghosts and I am now writing a non-fiction true ghost book (out in the Fall of 2007). Many of my opportunities came about because of my gusto (or crazy) attitude of 'experience it yourself'.

Anonymous said...

I'm using a ghost in my manuscript. Where can I find resources?

Christina said...

Hey, greenmellissa -
I found a local Georgia Based group - the Ghost Hounds. They have a great group of experienced folks to ask questions to. They are on the web and also have links to other groups in different states.
Hope this helps!