Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Introducing myself...Barbara M. Hodges

I’m happy to be taking part in The Branches of Life Blogzine. I’m new to blogging, so this is a learning experience for me.

I write mostly fantasy fiction, although I have been known to venture into Science Fiction, paranormal and even main stream fiction.

I have five published novels out right now, three in my fantasy Daradawn series, The Blue Flame, The Emerald Dagger and The Silver Angel, and two that I have co-written with other authors…Stargazer’s Children and Shadow Worlds.

I also have a story in Aleatory Junction, an anthology.

Next month, knock on wood, Stones Enchanted will be released. It is the first book in a new young adult fantasy series I co-wrote with JR Musick.

In July, Shadow Worlds, which is available as an ebook now, will be out in print.

My husband Jeff and I live in Nipomo, CA. It’s a small town on the central coast. We share our lives with two basset hounds, Ophelia and Hamlet, and a sassy ginger-striped cat, Wallace.

Jeff and I both love NASCAR and RVing. We like to tie them both together and go to nearby races. Of course we take the hounds with us.

When I’m not writing and being a wife, I like to decorative paint.

We’ve been married for 35 years. No children, but I’m a great aunt. Jeff and I are baby boomers. I have seen a lot of history in my fifty-five years. In December Jeff’s mom passed away. She was a wonderful lady and had a full life. Jeff’s dad is 89 years old. He’s having a hard time without his wife of over 60 years. He is in Oregon and we are working on getting him moved closer to us.
It’s hard to see your parents grow older.

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