Monday, February 19, 2007

Grand Opening of Branches of Life BlogZine Coming Soon!

Hello everyone and welcome to Branches of Life BlogZine.

Now what on earth is Branches of Life BlogZine?

You name it, we're going to have it. We are several writers from The Muse Promotions website, who have banned together to offer you various interesting articles on different snippets of life; anywhere from taking care of our parents to dating.

Our first topic in March will be TEENS, covering a wide area in this subject. Several of us will offer you articles each month on our chosen theme and invite you to leave us your comments with your own life experiences.

Over the coming days, many of us will be introducing ourselves so you can get to know us. So make sure to bookmark us and come back often to find out what other 'branch of life' we have to offer you.

Lea Schizas

1 comment:

Bob R said...

Hi Lea,
Nice work. Beautiful layout and congratulations. My comment is a small one: the light blue print is very difficult for me to even see... as well as the lighter shades of gray.
I hope great things for your all your team's efforts.
Bob Ruehrdanz [Who is stumbling his way through Blog-101.]