Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Introducing Mary Andrews

My name is Mary Andrews. I was born and raised in the Military. As I grew up, we were stationed in Kansas, England, Texas, Hawaii, Texas, Texas, and Texas. So I hail from…Texas. The eldest of seven kids, I learned to duck, dodge, and wrangle babies at an early age. Upon my escape from two cart grocery shopping and a never ending line to the bathroom, I attended college at Texas Tech University for a couple of ill spent years before setting out to conquer the world--one mistake at a time.

With a vengeance, I sought out nontraditional lines of work for a woman. I went from electronic assembly to machine operator to warehouse worker to helicopter repair to a ten year stay at home mom to custodial/taxi driver/data acquisitions operator/inventory specialist/CAT grater assembly/Licensed Air Frame mechanic/bicycle assembly/merchandiser/answering service Operator/Relay Operator for the Deaf/Cell phone customer service rep and quite a few more.

So I decided I wanted to become a writer.

During last October’s free Muse Online Writers Conference, I submitted the first ten pages of a sci fi novel that I’d been writing to Dindy Robinson for a critique as part of class. To my absolute amazement, she asked for my manuscript and I am now under contract with Swimming Kangaroo Press to have it published. It will be the first book of: THE FIREBORN CHRONICLES, and is expected out in October, hopefully before the next Muse Online Writers Conference. I still can’t stop saying WHOOOHOOO!

I’m currently working on my home page/blog/Gypsy research/art outlet/writer & artist featuring/buy-my-book website. I’ll post the address here when it’s done.

I’m very excited about being a part of this project, and since this is my very first attempt at blogging, I can't wait to see what happens next. So let the adventure begin.


Anonymous said...

Wor, you're a traveler! Can I read the novel as well? How many will be in the series?

Mary Andrews said...

*Smile* I hope everybody in the universe reads my book.

I’m not familiar with screen reader, but I know that my book is supposed to be published in eBook form as well as hard copy. Will that work for you?

I have enough short stories about the characters origins to make a nice anthology. And I’ve already started writing a sequel, as well as plotting out an idea for the fourth. I guess it really depends on how well they sell, but I’ll write them anyway. How else will I ever find out what happens?

As for traveling, I guess that’s true enough, but since I was so young, I kind of feel like I missed out on something along the way. Let’s face it, when you’re only a year or two old, three years in England loses it charm. I remember a monkey, a circus elephant, fog, and a dance studio room with wooden walls and cabinets (It smelled like my mother’s cedar chest.). *sigh*

My mom told me that she has no idea where I got the monkey and elephant from, but that the dance studio was from when I took a little dance class. She says that they finally took me out of the class because I would just stand there through the whole class and wouldn’t participate. But when I would get home, I would show her all the moves I’d learned.

Alas, childhood is wasted on the young….

In Hawaii, I was a preteen, so I remember more about being there. It was beautiful, and expensive, and mean. Both girls and boys had fist fights, even on the base. And little blond haired, blue eyed girls were frequently beaten up at school because the natives didn’t like mainlanders.

I had never seen such a thing before. It really bothered me, but I never really got involved in that because of my dark complexion and the fact that one of my best friends was a very large, very solid, tough blond girl that no one would challenge. Considering what a mouthy, thin, little thing I was then, I probably owe her my life. *Smile*

The schools were really fun though, and I learned how to play the ukulele as part of their required curriculum--it was either that or basket making, I look back now and wonder if maybe basket making would have been more useful. Hmmm.

(Disclaimer for those of you who hail from Hawaii: I’m 53 now, so that was a loooonng time ago.)